It’s a Stretch

Just like clothes, few shoes fit perfectly “off the rack”. Most need some tailoring to fit. Do you have an issue with bunions or hammertoes and tight shoe fit? A shoe stretcher is the perfect trick. People will gladly pay to have a single pair of shoes stretched, but you can do dozens of shoes at home easily, safely, and for a lot less money and a lot more fun.


The first thing to determine is what type of shoe stretcher you need. There are stretchers for high heels, stretchers for boots and stretchers for flats. There are shoe stretchers which can raise the toe box, raise the vamp or make the forefoot wider. And don’t forget the nobs, (think Mr. Potato Head), which when perfectly placed, can spot stretch even the tightest area. Now we come to sizes, which range from the tiniest, tightest high heel to the biggest, widest military boot.


Your tools…shoe stretch spray (our favorite is Wiley’s) your shoe stretcher and an uncomfortably tight shoe with a leather upper. Synthetics need not apply.
Spray in the appropriate area, insert the stretcher, twist the handle clockwise and set aside for 24-48 hours. Remove the stretcher, try both shoes on again and see if the stretched shoe now fits. If not, remove, re-insert the stretcher and repeat.

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