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Boot Trees

Thanks to ED for showing me an ingenious, inexpensive way to make boot trees. Instead of plunking $50+ to purchase a single pair of boot trees, she showed me how to make your own. Just grab a handful of paper grocery bags, fold them together lengthwise, insert into boot and voila, a perfectly upright boot which will proudly sit in your closet without falling down. This boot would have stood even taller with 3 bags instead of 2. Ingenious, don’t you think?

Snowboard Boots – Heel Slippage

Snowboard boots are notorious for not holding the heel down which is essential for a good fit in any shoe. What most people don’t realize is that the snowboard boot liner needs to fit snugly to secure proper fit. Unfortunately most snowboard boot liners fail in this area of design.

Typical liner fastening utilizes either the traditional lace system or faster quick pull systems. Unfortunately, these systems don’t go far enough toward the toes to secure proper fit. Without a snug fit over the top of your foot and not just the ankle, your heel will slip out affecting comfort and performance.

If you have a heel slippage problem, rather than buying a new (expensive) pair of boots, give this modification a try. Have your local shoe repair shop add additional eyelets over the foot part of the liner and lace an additional pair of laces through. This will cinch down the foot part of the liner securing your heel in the boot.

This modification also works for ski boot liners.

Shoe Review Gel-Kayano 16 vs. 15

I was very disappointed when Gel-Kayano 15 debuted. I was a fan of prior versions, but not the 15 and I blogged about the reasons why The main difference was the 15 was deeper than the 14 and the 15 was much more unstable laterally. These trends haven’t changed with Gel-Kayano 16.

Overall, Gel-Kayano 16 is not a big departure from the 15 with the exception that it  is even deeper. The medial midsole of the 15 and 16 are nearly identical as shown below. The outsole is exactly the same.

Gel-Kayano 16 has a similar midsole to the Gel Kayano 15 with more gel and less EVA in the lateral (outside) midsole. This design may make your heel strike more wobbly causing things like ankle sprains or tendonitis. Everyone doesn’t necessarily need firm lateral EVA but if you do, you would be better off with the 2150 than the Gel Kayano 15. This modification is a huge departure from versions 14 and prior.

Asics has continued with the asymmetrical lacing, however this version design is better than the the 15. I’m still not a fan of asymmetrical lacing, but at least this one won’t bunch up causing irritation like the 15 did. The lack of trim over the big toe, also means less potential irritation along the top of the big toe.

The one plus is Gel-Kayano 16 has a higher heel counter int he back which will reduce heel slippage if that’s been a problem for you.

Overall, Gel-Kayano 16 is too much like Gel-Kayano 15 and not enough like Gel-Kayano 14 and prior versions for me to recommend.