Snowboard Boots – Heel Slippage

Snowboard boots are notorious for not holding the heel down which is essential for a good fit in any shoe. What most people don’t realize is that the snowboard boot liner needs to fit snugly to secure proper fit. Unfortunately most snowboard boot liners fail in this area of design.

Typical liner fastening utilizes either the traditional lace system or faster quick pull systems. Unfortunately, these systems don’t go far enough toward the toes to secure proper fit. Without a snug fit over the top of your foot and not just the ankle, your heel will slip out affecting comfort and performance.

If you have a heel slippage problem, rather than buying a new (expensive) pair of boots, give this modification a try. Have your local shoe repair shop add additional eyelets over the foot part of the liner and lace an additional pair of laces through. This will cinch down the foot part of the liner securing your heel in the boot.

This modification also works for ski boot liners.

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