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Buyer Beware – Heel Positioning

JH came in today with this brand spankin’ new pair of handsome Allen Edmonds dress shoes. When I turned the shoes over however, I was shocked and dismayed to discover the heel of the right shoe was cadywompus and twisted to the left at a funny angle. This was obviously missed by quality control and easily overlooked in the store.


The purpose of this post is not to slam Allen Edmonds, but rather to show you how all shoes need to be thoroughly checked before taking them out of the store for a spin. With millions of shoes being inspected each day, there are bound to be a few which should not have passed quality control and do.

Shoe Review – Ecco Performance Savage Lo and Mid Styles

Finding a hiking boot for a narrow foot can be a challenge. MB came in today with the Ecco Lo, which fit her  narrow foot to a T.


This is a very supportive shoe and comes in a low top version (Lo style) and a high top version (Mid style). It comes in men’s and women’s sizes and is made with Gore-Tex so is waterproof.

My only hesitation with this boot is it does not have a firm heel counter, so if you pronate excessively, this shoe may not work for you, especially if you plan on hiking over rugged terrain.

Otherwise, it’s a terrific shoe for an otherwise challenging narrow foot to fit.

Shoe Review – Saucony Progrid Guide

If you have a shallow foot then the ProGrid Guide may be the shoe for you. This is one of my favorite shoes because of it’s stability and fit, available in both medium and wide widths.

The Saucony Guide is similar to Asics 2130 but is around $10 less, which helps.


It has a removable insole which can accommodate an orthotic and has mesh in the inside and outside of the forefoot which helps if you have bunions and need a little extra room here.


It is torsionally stable (doesn’t twist) and has an inflexible forefoot sole which not only prolongs wear but also prevents excessive pronation or rearfoot collapse.


Shoe Review – Brooks Ariel Old vs. New

I have always been a fan of Brooks Ariel for the wide, deep foot. The shoe is torsionally stable with a stiff heel counter and an inflexible forefoot sole. Recently Brooks changed the model which may or may not be a good thing depending on your foot volume.

The first change is toebox depth. The old Ariel (left) is shallower than the new Ariel (right). If you have a deep foot than this will be great. It’ won’t be great however, if you’re wearing the old Ariel and it was already too deep in the toebox.


The next change is overall length. The old Ariel is shorter, given the same size, than the new Ariel. This only applies to the toebox length, as the heel to ball measurements remain the same in both shoes. This will matter if your heel to ball is a 9 and your heel to toe measurement is a 7, because the extra toe box length may make the shoe uncomfortably long for you.


The back of the shoe in the old Ariel is lower than the back of the shoe in the new Ariel. This change is generally a good thing, as the new Ariel will accommodate an orthotic as well as reduce heel slippage.


In summary, the new Ariel is deeper, wider and longer than the old Ariel. For many people who wear this shoe, the changes won’t matter. However, if you try them on and it seems you’re swimming in them, you might want to try the Brooks Addiction which is also deep but a bit narrower.

Shoe Review – North Face Fire Road

Hiking boots are notoriously wide and deep, which can be a huge challenge if you have a narrow foot. North Face Men’s Fire Road is one of the few hiking boots which are narrow and shallow. It’s also lightweight which is a plus, as Vasque hiking shoes, which are also narrow are a bit heavier. Comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.


Shoe Review – Adidas adiPURE TRX FG

AR came in today with her new soccer cleats – Adidas adiPure. AR has a wide foot, so she wears men’s soccer cleats, which is a great idea for women who have trouble finding wide enough women’s cleats.

In addition to being wide, the adiPure is made with extremely soft leather which helps with fit. The shoe also has a removable sock liner which can accommodate an orthotic if you need it. Even though the width looks narrow based on the outsole, inside there is a wide insole which provides a great foundation for your foot, especially if it’s wide.

This shoe can be found on in both men’s and women’s sizes.