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Everyday Athletes Are Champions

I am fortunate to have the best patients any physician could ever want. Everyday athletes doing extraordinary things. Critical to their accomplishments is the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right shoes which Financial District Foot & Ankle Center prides itself on. These are but a few of the amazing athletes I have been privileged to treat during this past year. To them and to all of my other patients “Thank You”.

How To Tell When Your Athletic Shoes Are Worn Out

At least once a day, I’m asked “how do I know when my athletic shoes are worn out?”. If you go to a running shoe store, you will be told a pair of running shoes will last 300-500 miles. This is a terrible recommendation. What if you only work out at the gym on the Elliptical Machine or StairMaster? How long will your shoes last then? What if you walk or hike and don’t run at all?

A better way to determine wear is to check your own shoes – regularly. Below is a video I created which takes you step by step through the process of evaluating athletic shoes for excessive wear. Learning how to do this will save, time, money and potential injury.

Shoe Review – Brooks Trance 10 vs.9

I prefer the new Brooks Trance version 10 over version 9. Trance 10 is more stable and slightly wider than version 9. Additional reasons are outlined in my latest Shoe Review video.

Shoe Review – Saucony ProGrid Guide 4 vs. 3

In general, I’m a huge fan of Saucony ProGrid Guide and version 4 is even better than version 3. My only caution is width. Guide 4 is slightly narrower than Guide 3 which this video shows.

Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 2

Brooks Ravenna 2 is a great shoe which might otherwise be overlooked due to it’s soft heel counter. Podiatrist in general recommend firm, non-collapsible heel counters which Brooks Ravenna 2 doesn’t have. What it does have however is a longer, firm rubber, heel outsole than most running shoes which provides significant midfoot support. Tutorial

I have been using for several years now and I recommend all of my patients use this site when shoe shopping. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate and you can’t beat the free shipping option.

This video highlights a few of the features I especially like.