Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 2

Brooks Ravenna 2 is a great shoe which might otherwise be overlooked due to it’s soft heel counter. Podiatrist in general recommend firm, non-collapsible heel counters which Brooks Ravenna 2 doesn’t have. What it does have however is a longer, firm rubber, heel outsole than most running shoes which provides significant midfoot support.

One response to “Shoe Review – Brooks Ravenna 2

  1. I really liked running in this shoe, they have a very fast feeling to them. Alas, they have given me shin splints. The reason was the fact that the thickness of the midsole in the forefoot is not the same on the lateral side and the inside of the shoe. It is not a huge difference, but the inside is something like 1.5mm less than the lateral side. This, together with the medial post probably, pushed my foot to the lateral side (outside) and made me a supinator… (I am a very mild pronator).

    As I liked the feeling of the shoe, I switched to the Brooks Ghost 4, and couldn’t have been happier since.

    I like your blog, BTW! Any chance in doing the Nike Zoom Elite+ 5, a shoe I am interested in (& gets good reviews).

    Kind regards
    Bart Goris

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