Shoe Review – Saucony Progrid Guide

If you have a shallow foot then the ProGrid Guide may be the shoe for you. This is one of my favorite shoes because of it’s stability and fit, available in both medium and wide widths.

The Saucony Guide is similar to Asics 2130 but is around $10 less, which helps.


It has a removable insole which can accommodate an orthotic and has mesh in the inside and outside of the forefoot which helps if you have bunions and need a little extra room here.


It is torsionally stable (doesn’t twist) and has an inflexible forefoot sole which not only prolongs wear but also prevents excessive pronation or rearfoot collapse.


3 responses to “Shoe Review – Saucony Progrid Guide

  1. I just bought this shoe this past weekend and even compared it to the Asics 2130/40. I took the Saucony based on the salesman’s recommendation. I’m 6’3, 207 lbs and long legged. So far on the 2 runs I have done with the shoe, it is much lighter than the New Balance 767 but very similar in fit. I had purchased the week before the Mizuno Alchemy 8 and returned it because after 2 runs, I developed a blister on side of my toe. It was also too cushiony and probably made for people much larger than me.

    I was thinking of getting the Asics 2130 as an alternate shoe for training.

    All the best. Please include more details in your entries.

  2. Actually just got done trying out both. The Saucony’s had a little roomier toe box, which was great for my wide feet and sensitive pinky toe. Both felt great, but the Saucony’s were my pick. Ill post if they don’t work out. Might I add that my last two pair of shoes were Asics.

  3. I just returned from one of the best tempo runs of my life. The Guide felt really balanced, stable, and the heel toe transition was so smooth. I would have went for miles further had I not ran this morning in my old Asics DS Trainers. The Asics weren’t a bad shoe, however the narrow toe box was causing this sharp nerve pain on the right side of my foot and pinky toe. (It hasn’t gone away, just more tolerable). The open mesh in picture two is great feature for slight over-pronator or someone with wide feet. It also aided that annoying toe of mine. I knew their was something about Saucony and their technology. I feel like I graduated to whole new level of running with these shoes. I must admit, these shoes look really cool too.

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