is really a great place to find shoes. I like them because they offer free shipping, no matter how many pair of shoes you buy. I like them because the shoes arrive fast. I like them because refunds are processed right away if the shoes don’t work out, and they have a 365 day return policy.
Mostly though, I like Zappos because they offer multiview.gif the grooviest feature ever, especially if you have a hard to fit foot. Here’s an example of how I use Multiview.

This patient has a wide, somewhat deep foot, with mild bunions. Her current shoes are Asics Gel Kayano. Although they are wide enough in the forefoot they were too narrow in the arch. Confident, I could find a better fitting shoe on, I started to compare other running shoes to the Asics using Multiview.

First I wanted a shoe with a wider outsole in the arch. As expected, I found several shoes which were wider than the Asics. The Etonic’s on the right, are just one example, the difference in width being immediately evident.


Next I wanted to compare depth. Again, the Etonic’s are much deeper than the Asics, which for this patient will provide a much better fit.

Comparing shoes using the Multiview feature can make the difference between perfect vs. not-so-perfect fit.

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