Sandals With Adjustable Straps

With summer almost here, many of us will be switching to sandals. For those of us who have developed the bad habit of slipping our sandals on and off without tightening…Stop It.

Not to sound like your mother, but shoes which adjust (tie, buckle, Velcro) need to be snugly secured each and every time you put them on. If you don’t do this, then you’ll experience excessive heel slippage and toe gripping, which can cause hammertoes and blisters to name just a few.

Here is a wedge sandal which was typically slipped on and off. The image on the left shoes proper fit and the image on the right shows sloppy fit. Which version would you rather wear?

One response to “Sandals With Adjustable Straps

  1. I need professional, non-biased opionions on the MBT’s…………………………

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