Shoe Review – MBT’s (Masai Barefoot Technology)

Reader Joey asks “I need professional, non-biased opinions on the MBT’s”.

I reviewed MBT’s, on my 12/22/07 posting. Here’s the link:

As an additional summary, I’m not a huge fan of MBT’s because they are heavy and expensive and don’t work at all for narrow or shallow feet.

Research the company cites to validate their findings were done on healthy college students, having little or no pathology. Not surprisingly, there have only been three studies, all sponsored by the company and none within the past several years.

Typically when someone comes into the office wearing MBT’s, I work with them to transition out of the MBT’s into a more normal type of shoe and I have never recommended MBT’s as a first line of treatment.

3 responses to “Shoe Review – MBT’s (Masai Barefoot Technology)

  1. I sort of liked them but the soles wore out after a month so I don’t think I will be getting another pair.

  2. I bought some MBTs last summer and wore them for 3 months to work and for short walks. One day during the third month I noticed an ache in my right foot around my arch. By the end of the day I could barely walk. I went to a friend who is in school to be a foot doctor and she told me never to wear them again because they were reshaping my foot. I had to take 2 days off work because I was in that much pain and couldn’t stand and for a few weeks I wore tape around my foot for support. When I asked the salesman about this he was not helpful at all and said there was no way I could ever be refunded and the MBT company would never hear me out unless I had a professional foot doctor look at my foot. I haven’t worn them since and I didn’t think it would be worth my time or effort to try for a refund. My foot is okay now, but sometimes it still aches. Has anyone else had this experience?

  3. I have a new pair of MBT since I have a problem of plantar fasciitis. They are very confortable and for the first time I can walk without slipsole.The problem comes when I have so many chafings at my feet that I can’t wear them anymore…. I think the price is high enough so the quality of the shoe should be up to it and tested agains chafings…
    (Sorry if my English is not really good…)

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