Squeaky Orthotics – Part 2

I addressed squeaky orthotics in a prior post https://drshoe.wordpress.com/2007/12/27/squeeky-orthotics/ which illustrates how to apply tape on the underside of an orthotic to stop squeak.

Reader Sarah read this and asks “I have tried this many times, and the tape always comes off. Hockey tape gets all gooey and comes off in a lump, as well as leaving your shoe quite sticky. Masking tape just wears off. What tape works well?”

When tape works to eliminate squeak but won’t stay put, the best thing to do is have your podiatrist permanently glue a piece of leather or vinyl to the underside of the orthotic in the same place where the tape was. Typically Barge (shoemakers waterproof glue) is used. If your podiatrist doesn’t have the necessary materials then your local shoe repair store will. 


One response to “Squeaky Orthotics – Part 2

  1. I rang my podiatrist about my orthotics continuing to emit dreadful squeaking noises even after two weeks of trying to ‘wear them in’ and she suggested putting talcum powder inside the shoe and on the orthotics. So I did and it worked a treat! No more squeaks!

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