Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Rider 11

In general, Mizuno shoes have great uppers and not so great, soft compressible EVA midsoles or lowers. Because of this, they tend to wear out more quickly then other shoes having more firm medial (inner) EVA outsoles.

CF brought in her Mizuno Wave Wrider 11 shoes in today for evaluation after she started having heel pain while training in them for the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon. The shoes were less than 3 months old and barely had 150 miles on them, when the pain started. Fortunately she purchased a new pair for the event and although the pain did not go away, it did not get worse after the Marathon .

The above image shows her 3 month old shoe on the left and her new shoe on the right. Notice how the left shoe is listing to the outside (lateral)? This is because the white EVA midsole has compressed, which tilts the shoe, holding the foot in less than optimal alignment.

The image above shows asymmetric wear in the old shoe with the right shoe outsole being entirely worn off (no pink tread), making the outer forefoot less durable and more likely to pronate, resulting in heel pain or plantar fasciitis.

In this case, even a relatively new shoe can cause foot pain and problems while running. If you wear Mizuno’s, especially the Wave Rider 11, you will want to evaluate your shoes for signs of excessive wear at least monthly.

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