Shoe Review – Asics 2140 Has Arrived!

When puts  a particular running shoe on sale, it’s usually because they are clearing the way for an upgraded model. This is the case with the new Asics GT-2140 which are replacing the GT-2130.

Unfortunately, these two shoes are not the same.

1. Width – The 2130 is much wider overall than the 2140. Great if you have a narrower foot, not so great if you have a neuroma, metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain) or a bunion. If you have these conditions, you will want to try both the medium and wide widths on to determine which fits the best.


2. Toebox Length – 2140 has a longer toebox with a more acute pitch than the 2130. This will benefit those having a longer heel to toe than heel to ball.


Overall, I like the new look and slightly more cushioned design of the new 2140. My only concern is how narrow it is. In fact it reminds me more of the older 2120’s. All in all though, this is a great stable shoe which will also accommodate an orthotic perfectly.

4 responses to “Shoe Review – Asics 2140 Has Arrived!

  1. Yeah, and even the narrow is narrower!!

  2. Wonderful! I skipped the 2130 because I liked the fit on the 2120 so well. I just ordered some 2140s and am glad to hear they have a similar fit. Thanks for the review.

  3. How does the 2150 compare to the 2140? I like the 2140 except for the fact I get blisters on my arches. Is there any way to prevent this??

  4. i love the 2140! i’ve been doing longer distances because i love these shoes so much! i need to get a new pair and i’m definitely getting the same model!

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