Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 vs. 12

Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 is one of my favorite shoes. It’s supportive and structured without being heavy. Wave Alchemy 12 is equally supportive — but runs narrower than version 11 as the following video shows.

3 responses to “Shoe Review – Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11 vs. 12

  1. Thank you for the all your reviews. I am currently running in Brooks Adrenaline 12’s (I ran in 11’s before). I am a couple of year into running and training for my 3rd and 4th marathons in November and January. I am planning to visit my local running store to look at the Mizuno Wave Alchemy. The store provides a 90 day wear policy so worth a try. I have flat feet and over pronate. I wear orthotics and need a stability shoe. I altered my running gate and went into Brooks last year and my knee and ITB pain pretty much went away after 6 weeks of PT and running in the new shoes.

    My question is whether the Alchemy’s and Adrenaline’s are comparable. I am 5’11”, 165lbs and run between 25-35 miles a week on the road. It seems the Mizunos may offer more cushioning however I am worried about the wave plate being too stabilizing and causing injury. Between the Adrenaline 11’s and 12’s I ran a five miler in Brooks Ravenna’s and had knee paid as they were not stable enough.

    Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

    • Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 is structurally more similar to Brooks Adrenaline 12 than Brooks Ravenna, versions 2 or 3. The Alchemy and Adrenaline both have a firm heel counter and firm medial midsole, whereas the Ravenna does not. My only concern is Wave Alchemy 12 in medium width, has less volume than Adrenaline 12 in medium width making it more comparable to Adrenaline 12 in narrow width. If you find Wave Alchemy to be too snug, I would recommend Asics Gel-Foundation 10 as a viable option or better yet, stick with Adrenaline 12. It remains one of my favorite shoes this season. Hope this helps!
      Dr. Sanders

      ps. Good luck with Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge in 2013. Your site is great and supports a worthy cause.

  2. I personally prefer the 12 over the 11.
    My knee(s) seem to prefer the snugger fit of the 12. When I changed from the 11 to the 12, I noticed my knee acted up way less.
    I kept running in the 12, and my knee pain was totally gone, ran back in the 11 and felt some pain again.
    Take it for what it is worth, but I’ll purchase a couple more pairs of the 12s
    Reading these comments, I might also check out the Brooks Adrenaline 12.

    Thanks for your shoe review.

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