Cycling Shoe Brand Review – DZR

JC came in with a pair of DZR shoes today to be worn with his new custom orthotics, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. Designed as an Urban Cycling Shoe, DZR is hip enough to wear even if you don’t cycle.


DZR has the style of a skater shoe, without added forefoot flexibility — which is great for hallux limitus, sesamoiditis and metatarsalgia. For cycling, the outsole can be modified to accept Shimano SPD cleats for a clipless pedal ride, as the following video shows. Ingenious.


6 responses to “Cycling Shoe Brand Review – DZR

  1. Cool shoes

  2. Are they orthotic friendly?

  3. My daughter is 15 and has bunions of a 50 yr old woman. She has played soccer year round since age 8. The last few years has been a struggle for her from the blisters on her bunions to the pain in her hips and legs. She has custom orthodics but it’s not enough,she needs a cleat that is wider around the bunions or has a stretchy material there. Does anyone know where we can get cleats like that made?

  4. Do you know if you put a cleat in the shoe whether it will be recessed or not?

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