Size Matters (Heel to Ball vs. Heel to Toe)

Almost everyone who comes into my office, gets their foot measured. Why? Because wearing the wrong size shoe can cause pain and most people have no idea what their foot size really is. When was the last time you had your foot measured? Do you know the difference between to heel to toe and heel to ball? You should…it’s important, and it can mean the difference between comfort and pain.

The following pictures illustrate these two different foot measurements. The first person’s foot measures a 13 (heel to ball) and the 2nd person’s foot measures a 7.5 (heel to toe). Some of us have a longer heel to ball measurement and some of us have a longer heel to toe measurement. Whichever measurement is longer (heel to toe or heel to ball), that’s what size you are.


5 responses to “Size Matters (Heel to Ball vs. Heel to Toe)

  1. Love this article! I always wondered how to read these darn things! TY

  2. Rick Cummings

    Thank You, I am 50 years old and never knew how to really measure my feet. Now I ‘ve figured out that I have been wearing shoes a half size to small all of my life.

    • You’re not alone in not knowing how to measure your feet. 95% of the patient who come into my office have not had their feet measured within the past 3 years and/or are wearing the wrong size.
      -Dr. Shoe

  3. So do I go with in my case the 10.5 heel to ball size or since the heel toe size is 9.5 a 10 assuming enough toe room with running shoes?

    • Since your heel-to-ball measurement is10.5, this is the size you would try on first, not size 10. There is only 1/6″ difference between 1/2 sizes (10 vs 10 1/2) so this really isn’t very much. Also, having extra length in the toes is not a problem so long as the shoes are able to lace snug and keep your foot from sliding forward.
      -Dr. Sanders

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