Heel Slippage: Blisters & Bloody Heels


How many of us excitedly wear our brand spankin’ new shoes for a special day or night out and we wind up with bloodied, painful heels because of the shoes?

If this is you, then chances are the shoe isn’t form fitting snugly enough which results in your foot moving up and down. Couple this friction with sweat and a stiff heel counter and you’ve created a recipe for pain.

Fortunately, here’s what you can do.

  1. Make sure your shoe fit snugs. Noticeable heel slippage in the shoe department will inevitably lead to blisters if the heel counter leather is stiff.
  2. If you’re prone to heel slippage (narrow or shallow feet), avoid any slip on styles that don’t adjust in the vamp, ie. straps, buckles and Velcro.
  3. If your heels still slip, use a tongue pad or custom cut out a tongue pad from Wiley’s Felt Remedy.

Now what if I’m too late and the blisters have already formed?

  1. Cut a generous square, with rounded corners of moleskin and completely cover the blister(s) so that it is visible above the counter of the shoe.
  2. Let the moleskin wear off on it’s own. Don’t pry off or the adhesive will take the top of the blister with it.
  3. Band-Aids aren’t big enough to help. You need t o custom cut the moleskin to ensure coverage.



One response to “Heel Slippage: Blisters & Bloody Heels

  1. Dr. Jenny,

    Do you have recomendations for finding good shoes for Asian men with smaller feet? My feet measure 6E(ball)-6.5E(toes), but even a 6E shoe is too high and loose at the heels and usually there is little or no gap between the eyelets.


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