Arch Blisters – Flat Feet with Orthotics

If you have flat feet, wear orthotics and plan to do a lot of hiking (Grand Canyon), or downhill walking (Stairmaster), it’s important that your shoe be as supportive as possible in the instep.

This pair of hiking boots and running shoes were brought in for me to evaluate today, because they created blisters in the arch and JA didn’t know why.


A quick walk up and down the hall, and I had to turn my eyes away because of his extreme foot collapse. There was no support to hold up the arch at all.

Flimsy cloth or mesh on the inside of a shoe will always allow the foot to pronate (collapse). Mix in orthotics, a steep downhill or two and the skin friction produced against the orthotic because of excessive pronation, can hobble even the toughest of feet.

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