CNetTV & Me on Masai Barefoot Technology

I oftentimes am asked to comment on new shoe technology. Kara Tsuboi of CNet TV did a story on Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT’s) and interviewed me. Here’s a link to her video, where opinions, fact and fiction are explored.


My Masai Barefoot Technology review – MBT’s are heavy, wobbly, expensive and don’t work for every foot type (especially narrow) And, if you’re younger than 30, I doubt you would find them suitably fashionable to wear on your feet.

One response to “CNetTV & Me on Masai Barefoot Technology

  1. I am on my feet all day long at the hospital. I rarely get a chance to sit down. By the end of my shift, my feet ache. I was excited about the MBT’s, but they are too expensive. What do you think about New Balance MW 791 for someone with high arches and narrow feet. (BTW, for running, I love the Adidas Supernovas).

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