High Heels – Too High

There is nothing wrong with high heels, as long as they fit correctly and the heel height is not too high. In general a high arched foot, needs a heel height of 3 inches or less, whereas a flat foot should not go above 3.5 inches.


This is a Jessica Simpson ‘Bacton’ shoe worn in today, which contributed to the buildup of a corn in-between this persons 4th and 5th toes. This particular pair is 3 3/4″ high, much too high for this person’s high arched foot, in spite of an otherwise perfect fit.

A heel too high for your foot type, even if the fit is perfect, will always slide your foot forward, pushing the widest part of your forefoot into the narrowest part of the shoe. In this case, corns, hammertoes, bunions and ball of the foot pain are a virtual certainty because the heel is too high.

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