Painful 5th Toes, Running Shoe Must Haves

Many people have curled 5th (pinky) toes. This rotation, usually causes the outside of the toe to become prominent. When this happens, your shoe rubs against the protrusion, creating friction against the skin overlying this area. This friction will cause pain, and occasionally, it will form a corn (hard callous).


If your 5th toe is usually crowded in running shoes, you need to pay attention to your shoe design, and more importantly, you’ll want to find running shoes, having mesh over the painful outside spot.


These two different pair of Nike running shoes were brought in today. The shoe on the left caused 5th toe pain while the shoe on the right did not. The difference is the mesh placement. The left shoe’s trim extends onto the toe, whereas the right shoe trim is much lower and the mesh is in exactly the right place.


Looking at the side view, you can also, easily see the difference. Even though the shoe on the left had a deeper toe box, it still caused pain because the mesh and trim were in the wrong place.

If you have a bunion, hammertoes, or a curled 5th toe, you’ll want to find shoes with mesh in the right place.

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