Shoe Review – Privo Ronan

In general, I like many of Clark’s Privo Styles. I especially like this Ronan style because:

  • Shallow toe box – If you’re heels slip up and down in casual or flats type shoes, then you foot probably flattens out when you walk. In this case, the volume of your foot is less than the interior volume of your shoe. The Ronan toe box scoops down and is shallow over the toes, matching more closely the volume of your forefoot.


  • Removable insole – The insole of this shoe is thick and removable. That means if your need to wear custom orthotics, you’ll have enough room for your orthotics, once you take out the shoes insoles.
  • Adjustable vamp – This is also helpful if your heels typically slip. The elastic is adjustable and in exactly the right spot for the upper to form fit.


This shoe will work if you have a wide, shallow (low volume) foot, with ball of the foot pain, hallux limitus pain or neuroma pain.

This shoe won’t work if you have a bunion. Unfortunately, there is stitching right over the bump, making the shoe much too tight where you need it the most.

Stay tuned though – I will be blogging about another Privo style that is perfect for a bunion foot.

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