Nike Air Pegasus vs. New Balance 992

This person’s foot size measured a 7 1/2 narrow. Imagine my surprise when I placed her current shoes side by side, end up and discovered the following:


The Nike Air Pegasus on the left was sized 7 1/2, while the New Balance 992 on the right was sized a 7.0. Even though the New Balance was lasted smaller, it was easily a size longer and considerably deeper than the other shoe.

When shopping for shoes it is important to keep in mind, that size is an approximation only, and not necessarily consistent from shoe to shoe. In the case the size 7 1/2 Nike shoes fit like a glove, whereas the size 7.o New Balance were much too long and deep.

As with everything. Buyer beware – you can’t judge a shoe by a manufactures designated size.

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