Narrow Shallow Hiking Boots

Reader Becky writes:

I’m a female with a small, narrow foot. I have to wear boots at work, and many of the authorized boots I have found are too wide in the heel for me. I have no problems with day-to-day wear, but outdoors, I have to use a lot of moleskin on my heels to minimize blisters. Sometimes I get them anyway (once so bad I bled through my boots). Are there any inserts that I can buy to create a better fit in the heel? Do you know of any specific boots made with a narrow heel?

First of all – Thanks Becky, your question is great and lots of people who walk into my office have this very problem.

With respect to inserts, Superfeet (Green) may help, especially since they take up some of the excess space in the shoe. Also, wearing two pair of socks may help. However, if your heels still slip, then you’ll need to find a narrow, shallow boot.

Vasque hiking boots are made for both men and women and are one of the few brands of hiking boots which will give the narrow foot a snug fit. The top boot is the Switchback style and the bottom shoe is the Blur style.


Another outdoor boot I’ve found that works for this foot type is the Ecco Urban Flexor GTX. Although less hard core than a backpacking hiking boot, this lighter weight hi-top will also fit the narrow, shallow foot.


Both Vasque and Ecco brands are available at

One response to “Narrow Shallow Hiking Boots

  1. LL Bean makes a great, gortex-lined, leather hiking boot, in several widths including 2A

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