Shoe Review – Brooks Dyad for Wide Feet

I had a runner come it today with 3 different pair of running shoes.

The first pair were Brooks Adrenaline – which were much too narrow for her wide, deep foot. The next pair she tried were Saucony Pro Grid Omni which were better than the Adrenaline, but still too narrow in the waist (center arch) of the shoe. The shoes which fit the best are the Brooks Dyad, which as you can see, barely hourglass in.

Now look at the upper. Although both shoes are made by Brooks – they are different widths. The Dyad is wide, whereas the Adrenaline has a narrower upper.

When buying shoes, always check the outsole of your shoe, because just like Goldilocks, eventually, you’ll find an outsole which will be “just right”.

One response to “Shoe Review – Brooks Dyad for Wide Feet

  1. Just bought these, hope they fit. I am a mature sprinter

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