Running Shoes – Making an Orthotic Fit

Blog reader Cherilyn asks I am trying to find a running shoe that accommodates my orthotics; a shoe with a deep foot-bed. Do you have any recommendations?”

Since prescription custom orthotics should match your foot, then if your foot matches your shoe, so too should your orthotic. Also, a custom orthotic made by a sports medicine podiatrist, is never as wide as your foot anyway, so there shouldn’t be any problem fitting it into a running shoe.

If you can’t get your orthotic into your running shoe, then either your shoe fit is wrong (length, width, depth), or your orthotic is wrong. Once made, an orthotic should work in all similar styles of shoes. For example an orthotic which fits into a pair of Asics 2130 should also fit into a pair of Brooks Adrenaline. A sport orthotic on the other hand will usually not fit into a non-athletic shoe, (flats, loafers), because of lack of room.

Most of the running shoes I’ve featured on my blog work great with orthotics. Saucony, Brooks, Asics, New Balance, Adidas and Nike all have lots of styles, which when fit properly will absolutely accommodate an orthotic.

One response to “Running Shoes – Making an Orthotic Fit

  1. If I have flat feet, should I wear an orthotic, or wear a motion control running shoe? Or, can I have both or will this cause too much stability and actually make me a supinator?

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