Shoe Review – Asics 2120

This is one of my favorite shoes for shallow (narrow or wide) feet. Added bonus, it’s also very stable, with a firm heel counter (back of heel) and great torsional stability (doesn’t twist).

This shoe is narrower than the 2130 or the Gel Kayano. It’s also works if you have a wide foot or a foot with a bunion.

I recommend this shoe at least once a day. Only problem is, the women’s narrow (2A) size is almost impossible to find and doesn’t work too well with an orthotic because it’s too narrow for an average sport orthotic to fit in. The men’s narrow (B) easily accomodates an orthotic and has fit every narrow, shallow foot I’ve fit, perfectly.

One response to “Shoe Review – Asics 2120

  1. So I just ran a marathon in these, and they are about the only shoe I have had no problems in. (they are the 2A’s) do I go for 2130 narrows now or not? (Because I need a new pair soon)

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