Shoe Cleats – Beware of Wear

If you play a sport which requires wearing cleats (soccer, baseball, football, golf) then you want check your cleat wear regularly.

Here’s a pair of turf soccer cleats, which are about a year old. As this image shows, the heel cleat on the right shoe is still flat, causing a pivot point and a protrusion force upward as compared to the heel cleat on the left shoe, which is evenly worn with the other cleats.

In this case, the cleat on the right shoe actually caused plantar fasciitis – heel pain, which could have been avoided if the shoes had been replaced before the cleats started to wear asymmetrically.

One response to “Shoe Cleats – Beware of Wear

  1. Cleatskins, slipped onto your cleats before or after a game, significantly reduce stud wear and the chance of slipping and falling on concrete and other hard surfaces.

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