Thierry Rabotin Designer Shoes

Arthur Beren in San Francisco is the place to go if you are stylish and don’t mind spending $400 (or more) on a pair of shoes, including Thierry Rabotin. Previously a designer for Taryn Rose, he now has his own line which many of the well heeled wear. Butter soft leather uppers and insoles the color of Tiffany box blue. Genius marketing…if only I’d though of it!

Today someone brought in two pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes which perfectly fit her wide (bunion), shallow, hard-to-fit feet. This pair is “Grace”, a ballerina flat with an elasticized vamp insets which help with the fit. Stylish and fun. If you can afford the sticker shock, Thierry Rabotin is a great designer shoe line.

3 responses to “Thierry Rabotin Designer Shoes

  1. These shoes are the only non-walking shoes I can wear, as I had bunion surgery which left me with problem feet and constant discomfort. They are heaven.

  2. I have a condition called hallux rigidus which is arthritis of the big toe–awful pain which requires eventual surgery. All I could wear were worn out sneakers–ugly! The doctor recommended shoes with a stiff bottom to avoid bending the joint. I purchased Thierry Rabotin boots for the winter. They are beautifully made, and the leather is so soft there’s no pressing on my joint. I’m having them stretched for maxium toe box room, and I’ll let you know the results.

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