Shoe Review – Newton Running

A marathon runner came into the office asking about the new Newton Running shoes. He had seen their booth at his last Marathon event and wanted to try them, so he purchased a pair online and brought them in.

I was disappointed when I saw them, not only because of the expensive price tag ($150+) but because they were unstructured and flexible, reminding of Nike Free. Most discouraging of all though, was watching JR run in them on the treadmill. The upper was moving from side to side to the point that I was worried about rearfoot injury and the potential for knee pain with continued use.

Needless to say, he looked much better in his Saucony Grid Stabil’s which held him in proper alignment. If you are interested in running in a Newton, make sure you have a sports medicine specialist evaluate them on you including running.

3 responses to “Shoe Review – Newton Running

  1. Patrick Schulte

    I bought a pair of Newton Stability Trainers this last marathon training cycle. It was my first marathon. I ended up with IT band issues for the first time in my life about a month before the marathon after wearing my Newton’s. At first I rotated them with my other stability shoes, but the trouble started when I used Netwons’ exclusively. I’m selling them on eBay : (

  2. Patrick Schulte

    I’ve been a long time Saucony Hurricane user. Each year like clockwork, I would go in my local running store and pick up a new pair without considering other brands/styles. I’m an overpronater with fairly flat arches. This past year, I had a calf tear and ended up in physical therapy. At which point it time my therapist suggested motion control shoes, so I purchased the Asics Gel-Evolution 4’s (motion control), and got away from my Saucony Hurricanes for the first time. Well, after years of running, I felt it was time to run my first marathon this year. After I got a huge blister on the inside of my right arch after a mere 14 mile run in my Asics Gel-Evolutions, I decided to try the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9’s (stability). I felt great in the Brooks for my longer runs and never have had an issue with them. Well, in my quest for making a splash in my debut marathon, I decided to see if the marketing and hype surrounding the Newton’s were worth a try. I dropped $150 and picked up the Stability Trainers. I fell in love with them, but broke them in slowly, rotating them with my Asics and Brooks. About 5 weeks before the marathon, I decided to strictly use the Newton’s since there were to be my shoe for my big day. After a tempo run 3 1/2 weeks before the race, I ended up with severe IT band issues on the outside of both knees for the first time in my life. I pray that I didn’t do any long term damage. In any event, while the tempo run might have been the cause, I believe these Newton’s are probably at the root of my sever knee pain. I’m putting them up on eBay and going back to a stability shoe like my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9’s.

  3. I’ve been running in Newtons for over 2 years now. The only issue i have had was when starting out and tightness through the calf. once I became used to them and implement correct stretching and massages(staple for any triathlete) there was no stopping me. I have been injury free every since, and in my first year of using them shaved 10minutes off of my half ironman run time.

    They certainly aren’t for everyone, expecially if you really are a heal striker and have been overly reliant on the support of other shoes. I have friends who have found that using Newtons has huighlighted weaknesses in their running technique and rather than stregthen there weak areas have just reverted back to their old shoes.

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