Shoe Review – Chaco Sandals

If you have a wide foot that’s either deep or shallow then Chaco sandals ( may be just right for you. They have a thick sole with a built in arch, which is great for flat or collapsing feet.

My favorite part of the shoe though, is how easily it adjusts by sliding the straps to increase or decrease depth. This makes for a better customized fit, then if you just had width adjustability alone.

Another added bonus is their repair program, which includes all parts of the sandal from strapsto soles. At around $100 for the sandal and $30 for the repairs, Chaco sandals can last years. And don’t your feet deserve that?

One response to “Shoe Review – Chaco Sandals

  1. I agree that these are the most comfortable sandal on the market today and have been for sometime. I’ve been wearing them since 1997. I’ve worn them while traveling and on some light hikes. Mainly it’s my go to footwear for most of the year. Before then, I wore other sport sandals that were popular in the late ’80 and early ’90’s that seam to not be as supportive of the feet. Soreness would set in later. Plus, the rubber used would cause the feet to sweat. Because of this, I started wearing flip-flops for awhile until I found the Chacos.

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