Shoe Review – Asics Gel Cumulus 10 vs. 9

I wasn’t a fan of the Gel Cumulus 9 because of it’s flexibility and disproportional fit. I am a fan of the Gel Cumulus 10, especially if your foot is wide and you have a bunion. The Cumulus 10 has expanded the mesh in the area of the bump, which allows for less pressure in this area.

The cumulus 10 also has less flexibility in the forefoot than the 9 which can help alleviate ball of the foot pain.

The only downside of the Cumulus is the outsole, which is made of soft EVA which will tend to wear more quickly than a shoe with firm EVA. Both will accommodate a sport orthotic easily.

5 responses to “Shoe Review – Asics Gel Cumulus 10 vs. 9

  1. I have very high arches and a stiff foot — am I better off buying the cumulus 9 (which I have now and find the outside edge of my foot feels unsupported) or buying the new version? Is the flexibility issue causing me to rollout too soon? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

  2. I am a runner. I am a fan of Asics and I hated the Cumulus 9, but endured through the investment. Today I went shopping for new running shoes..thinking I would depart from Asics brand. However, I immediately could tell a difference with the cumulus 10. Hoping I didn’t have buyer’s remorse I googled and found this article. Thanks!!! It technologically explains the difference I felt. Cool! Although the soft EVA wears down quicker, I can feel a difference in shock absorbency while running–it is a little easier on my joints.

  3. I am a huge fan of Asics. However, I bought the Cumulus 9 and they tore up my heels after the 3rd run. I ended up at the foot doctor’s on antibiotics and restricted from running for 2 weeks thanks to the injury caused by the tight heels on the Cumulus 9. I am hoping for redemption in the 10!!!

  4. I started with the 10s and loved them. I did wear them out fast according to runtex (the local run shop). All the sudden in the 10s, about a mile and a half into my run, my left knee started to hurt. I put on another pair of my shoes and no problems for 5+ miles. I repeated and had the same issues in the old 10s. So I said I needed a new pair and had to order them. They took so long, I found a pair of 9s on the internet and ordered them. Big mistake. Far less cushioning for me and I could tell the difference right away. Finally got my 10s in and love them. I use the 9s to lift and run on a treadmill only now.

  5. I’m on my 2nd pair of cumulus 10 shoes and I love them! They are the best shoes for sport orthotics which tend to be wide. They do wear down somewhat faster. I have replaced mine in less than a year however, I run 5-6 days a week.

    The only drawback to the 10s is that they haven’t changed the color and they are still pricey shoes – $95. You do get what you pay for though. I almost bought 9s for a new look but thanks to your comments, I decided to stick with the cumulus 10. Thx!

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