Shoe Of The Month – Ash® Patent Leather Ribbon Lace

This is a beautiful and well designed shoe. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find it anywhere online, as I just checked. It does however have some great features which are worthwhile to search for when buying a pair of high heels.

  1. The ribbon tie is adjustable accommodating different foot depths.
  2. The toe box is wide and rectangular which won’t pinch the toes.
  3. The heel comes straight down from the back of the shoe vs. offset, i.e. kitten style.
  4. The heel is 3″ which will work for most women.

The reason I don’t do many reviews on women’s shoes is because, whenever someone brings in a blog worthy pair, by the time they get to me the style has been discontinued. I therefore try and show you the design of shoes and what to look for.

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