Shoe Review – Saucony Progrid Omni 6 Ultimate

This shoe has a lot of mesh in the forefoot upper, which can help if you have hammertoes and /or bunions. The back of this shoe has a firm heel counter, which helps guide heel strike if you pronate excessively. This shoe also has firm EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) in the midsole extending from the arch to the back of the shoe which makes it very stable.

A general rule of thumb is the darker (more grey) the outsole, the more firm or less flexible the shoe will be. This design feature helps those feet who need lots of support, especially at the rearfoot. The difference between the Ultimate and the Moderate version is the Ultimate has EVA which wraps around to the heel wheras the Moderate just has EVA in the instep.

The mens and womens version of this shoe come in medium and wide but not extra-wide and the toe-box is not too deep which can help fit considerably if your foot is wide and shallow.

Version 7 has just been released and from what I can see on, it looks to be essentially the same as version 6, but I’ll keep you posted if that changes. The other good news is, because version 6 is being upgraded, you can probably find this shoe on sale. At Sports Basement in San Francisco, this shoe is marked down from $100 to $64. Quite a deal for a well made shoe!

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