Shoe Review – Nike Air Pegasus Trail Shoe

D.M. came in today with his barely worn Nike Air Pegasus Trail shoes. He was recovering from a fractured sesamoid bone (small bone under the big toe joint) and wanted me to evaluate his shoes before he resumed running.

He had purchased the running shoes prior to his injury and spent over two hours in a specialty running shoe store, trying on every shoe in the store, because of his difficult to fit narrow foot. Finally, with the help of the sales staff, he found this Nike Air Pegasus Trail shoe. It was apparently rated highly by a runners magazine, which helped to close the sale.

The above image shows the shoe which on first glance appears moderately deep and wide, but I was keeping my fingers crossed, at least until I saw D.M. stand in the shoes.

Normally, the back area of the shoe (heel counter) should be perpendicular to the standing surface. As this image shows, the heels are turned out, which is not good for healing sesamoids, knees or alignment in general. No wonder he wasn’t getting better.

Moral of the story. Just because someone says shoe xy or z is the best shoe ever, make sure the shoe works for your foot and not someone elses. It could me the difference between healing and continued pain.

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