Shoe Review – Adidas 7406 Soccer Cleats

Finding a wide shoe for soccer is no simple task. Most soccer shoes fit painfully snug, so if your foot is outside of the bell shaped curve, trouble may loom ahead. I found this shoe for someone having serious ingrown nails, because of the narrow toebox fit. Luckily I found the Adidas 7406 which have a couple of great features and fit him perfectly.

  • The eyelets extend beyond the ball of the foot, closer to the toes. This allows for width adjustability. Many soccer cleats don’t lace down this far and if your foot is wide, this can really help.

  • The arch width doesn’t hourglass in like most soccer cleats, given the arch full support as seen below.

And the overall width is slightly wider than most other soccer shoes and has a removable sock line which will accommodate an orthotic if you need one.

3 responses to “Shoe Review – Adidas 7406 Soccer Cleats

  1. Yeap!!! maybe it can solve my problem. Great post. Thanks Alot.

  2. I love the 7406, but there is a new adidas boot with wide fit. The adidas Adipure, I found them on this website:

  3. I got this soccer cleats n r amazing,give u support n they fit just right n give u good effect when u kick the ball,this is something different,thanks..

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