Saucony Grid Stabil – Lock Lacing Design

Saucony Grid Stabil has incorporated lock lacing into their design. It requires longer laces and if you don’t know how to cinch up the excess laces using this method, you could just trip and fall. 

When you look at the eyelets from the side, lace through all of them just like this image shows.

Now, instead of making the bow on the inside, take the end of each lace and thread through the loop on the opposite side. 

Finally, cinch tight pulling the laces horizontally from side to side. This method of lacing will stay tight until otherwise loosened. The only down side… it takes more time to tie and untie and if you don’t have a problem with heel slippage, then you have excess lace length for no reason at all.

One response to “Saucony Grid Stabil – Lock Lacing Design

  1. Great website, I found this through a post in the Runner’s World Web Site. I’ve run in Brooks Adrenaline 5, 6, and 7’s. I had not problems with the 5 and 6 models, but I had shin splints with the 7’s. I used the lock-lacing with the 7’s and it’s made a major difference.

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