Shoe Review – Saucony Grid Stabil

Saucony Grid Stabil is one of my favorite shoes and I recommend it at least once a day for the narrow (rectangular) foot. Surprisingly it works for shallow (flat) and deep (high arched) feet, because it comes in both medium and wide widths. For a refresher on foot width determination, refer to my blog posting

As for the construction, this is one of the few running shoes which is proportional, meaning the heel to ball and heel to toe measurements are true to size ( It’s also deep enough to accommodate a sport orthotic once you remove the sock liner.

It has a non-collapsible heel counter which helps guide heel strike and it has a firm inside mid-sole (grey above) which helps with pronation or foot collapse. Lastly the toe box is shallow meaning it will pass the pinch test (, providing a secure fit, if your foot is lower volume than most.

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