Heel Taps – Spend A Little Save A Lot

Here’s an example of a heel tap on a shoe.

Commonly made out of plastic or rubber, heel taps help prolong the life of your heeled shoes. Normal heel wear is on the outside so the taps should be placed here. Considering a pair of taps cost less than $10 and re-soling a pair of heels can run as much as $50, taps are a good value and easily applied. The plastic taps aren’t as durable as the rubber ones, so if your shoe repair person carries rubber taps, you’ll be better off.

2 responses to “Heel Taps – Spend A Little Save A Lot

  1. Heather Anderson

    I prefer metal taps myself. They last longer and make a cute little clickety click sound when I walk!

  2. where can i get the rubber heel taps

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