Spin Class – Arch Pain

Reader Pete asks “I have been in a spin class for 8 months. Recently I have developed chronic right arch foot pain to the point that it’s difficult to walk for several days after class. I have severe flat feet that pronate inward-no arch at all. I am cycling with cage on pedal. Would cleats be better for the foot pain? The problem is worse when standing or climbing.”

Sounds like you’re getting plantar fasciitis (arch or heel pain). Your flat feet are most likely the cause. As long As long as you have stiff soled cycling shoes, it shouldn’t matter whether you use cages or cleats. As for the pronation, you might want to try a non-custom orthotic and see if this helps. Superfeet are good, and they make a cycling specific insoles (new yellow below). 

Have you been to a podiatrist? If not, you should see one. He or she should be able to get you back on track (stretches, physical therapy, taping, custom orthotics) in no time.

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  1. In for it, but far away from Case of Centre.

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