Skating Pain – Bay Area Roller Derby Girls

Today, one of the Bay Area Roller Derby Girls (B.A.D.) came in having outside of the foot pain and swelling, primarily in her new boots. The pain was partially due to the motion of skating (push off) and partially due to boot forefoot compression and tightness because the outside of her foot was enlarged in this area.

A simple fix is to modify the laces. Whenever a shoe laces, you can always skip the eyelets to increase forefoot width as above. Here are some other posts where I blog about lacing modifications.

Modifications Part 2 can be found at:

8 responses to “Skating Pain – Bay Area Roller Derby Girls

  1. I often suffer from this very pain when I skate. I’m going to relace my skates and see if it helps make a difference. It makes sense though, so I think it will be just the *cure* I need. Thanks for the info!

  2. awww man! EXACTLY where it hurts (only pain i have had in my new reidells). Man, I sure hope this works! thanks for the tip.

  3. just tried it and it seems perfect. before my heel slipped around a buch and it seems that this lacing will keep the laces on the box from tightening everytime i edge inside real hard *it was like a chinese finger trap before*. thanks sooo much, i feel like a new woman now!

  4. Crystal Santos

    This isn’t really a comment, but I bought a new pair of skates for roller derby a couple months ago and I have been having the excrutiating foot pain ever. It’s in the bottom of my feet. It almost feels like my feet are cramping or charlie horseing. I have tried insoles, no insoles, loosening the laces, tightening the laces, and have tried adjusting the trucks and nothing is working. If anyone has any suggestions out there, please let me know. I appreciate it. Thanks

    • Did you ever get your pain resolved? Your story sounds exactly like mine. I’m still hurting! Any advice would be great!

    • that happened to me, come to find out my skates were 2 sizes too big! got new skates and no more cramping on the bottom of my foot!

  5. Sounds like you might have the beginnings of Plantar Faciitis (an inflammation of the fascia tendon that runs the length of your foot and over your heel). Or, your skates might be too small or narrow. ( BTW-Your feet swell after skating a bit).

    Either way, if it continues, make an appointment with your Podiatrist ASAP and take your skates with you. He/She may have a solution which might include exercises to stretch that achy tendon.

    I suffered from chronic foot pain for 5 years and skating made it worse.

  6. Forgot to finish that…so after, numerous trips to the foot doctor, and numerous cortisone injections in the heel area (OUCH), my right foot healed up fairly well. However, the left one did not. My only soulution was surgery and even that is not a 100% cure.

    My suggestion: don’t ignore foot pain. It could be an indicator to a more serious but treatable condition if caught early enough.

    Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

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