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Custom Converse Kicks

Roller Derby style setter, Admiral DeJenerate, just arrived with her new, custom designed Chuck Taylor’s. Check out the rainbow layered tongues.

Customizable options include both blank canvas or graphic editions. How cool to have complete creative control over your kicks design. Added pluses include – affordable cost ($75) and a two to three week turnaround.

Visit for all the details.

Roller Derby – Ball Of The Foot Pain

Emily of Boston Derby Dames asks:

Can you recommend any resources for how to tape this injury (sesamoiditis) to minimize discomfort while skating? I’m waiting on orthotics but would really hate to put my roller derby career on hold until I have them.

Although taping helps for many derby-related aches and pain, it’s better to use off-weighting padding for painful sesamoids. The following video shows you how to do this yourself using 1/8″ adhesive felt (pink, black or white). If you’re unable to locate a source for this, contact me through the blog to order.

As an alternative, you can visit a sports medicine podiatrist, who should be able to make a custom pad or orthotic for your skates as well.

Here are my other derby posts with more to follow in the future:

Roller Derby – Custom Shoe Laces

Many thanks to Admiral DeJenerate of Undead Bettys Roller Derby for sharing the information on where she got her groovy hand dyed, custom skate laces.

Admiral DeJenerate has scoured the internet to make sure her own unique brand of mayhem is on proud display for all to see, starting with these hip laces. She has graciously allowed me to provide the purveyors link on and they are a steal at less than $10. If you decide to have a pair made – tell them Admiral DeJenerate made it all possible.

Roller Derby – Outside of the Foot Swelling (bursae)

Lusty Malice ( came in today with increasing outside of the foot pain. She purchased new boots in January which alleviated her ankle pain but created outside of the foot pain and swelling otherwise known as a bursae. A bursae is a fluid-filled sac which develops in areas of  pressure. In this case, a wide forefoot and a tight new boot, caused pressure and friction resulting in bursae formation.


Fortunately, since this is a new problem, the solution is easy. First the skate needs to be spot stretched. I use a ball and ring stretcher for just such cases. You can also go to your local shoe repair store and have them do this as well. Be sure to tell them that it needs to be spot stretched as opposed to forefoot stretched, otherwise you won’t get the desired result.


Next, I showed LM how to re-lace her skates skipping the eyelets that correspond to the bursae location which will reduce pressure in this area.


Finally, if there is still some residual pain and swelling then a quick trip to the podiatrist for a cortisone injection into the burse should take care of things once and for all.

Skating Boots – Modifications

This is the same roller derby boot as my earlier post.

These principles would work for any sport boot including hockey, figure skating and roller blading.

Although the modified lacing I previously blogged about helped, it wasn’t enough to alleviate all the outside of the foot pain, so I added permanent padding on the inside of the boot to off-weight the painful prominences and it worked like a charm.

Just because a boot isn’t custom, it doesn’t mean you can’t customize the fit. All you need is a creative shoe repair person and you should be fine.

Skating Pain – Bay Area Roller Derby Girls

Today, one of the Bay Area Roller Derby Girls (B.A.D.) came in having outside of the foot pain and swelling, primarily in her new boots. The pain was partially due to the motion of skating (push off) and partially due to boot forefoot compression and tightness because the outside of her foot was enlarged in this area.

A simple fix is to modify the laces. Whenever a shoe laces, you can always skip the eyelets to increase forefoot width as above. Here are some other posts where I blog about lacing modifications.

Modifications Part 2 can be found at: