Skating Boots – Modifications

This is the same roller derby boot as my earlier post.

These principles would work for any sport boot including hockey, figure skating and roller blading.

Although the modified lacing I previously blogged about helped, it wasn’t enough to alleviate all the outside of the foot pain, so I added permanent padding on the inside of the boot to off-weight the painful prominences and it worked like a charm.

Just because a boot isn’t custom, it doesn’t mean you can’t customize the fit. All you need is a creative shoe repair person and you should be fine.

One response to “Skating Boots – Modifications

  1. You certainly caught the attention of Derby Lite in the Chicago area. Most of us are older skaters, so we are especially sensitive to foot and fit issues. New York Doll found your post from August 5 and forwarded it to us. Our feet thank you!

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