Roller Derby – Outside of the Foot Swelling (bursae)

Lusty Malice ( came in today with increasing outside of the foot pain. She purchased new boots in January which alleviated her ankle pain but created outside of the foot pain and swelling otherwise known as a bursae. A bursae is a fluid-filled sac which develops in areas of  pressure. In this case, a wide forefoot and a tight new boot, caused pressure and friction resulting in bursae formation.


Fortunately, since this is a new problem, the solution is easy. First the skate needs to be spot stretched. I use a ball and ring stretcher for just such cases. You can also go to your local shoe repair store and have them do this as well. Be sure to tell them that it needs to be spot stretched as opposed to forefoot stretched, otherwise you won’t get the desired result.


Next, I showed LM how to re-lace her skates skipping the eyelets that correspond to the bursae location which will reduce pressure in this area.


Finally, if there is still some residual pain and swelling then a quick trip to the podiatrist for a cortisone injection into the burse should take care of things once and for all.

One response to “Roller Derby – Outside of the Foot Swelling (bursae)

  1. AWESOME! It’s great to see a Podiatrist taking an interest in keeping derby girls healthy on on their feet!

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