Shoe Review – Asics Gel Nimbus 11

Reader Ken asks “I read in one of your reviews that you don’t like the Nimbus 1o from Asics. This shoe was recommended to me as a neutral runner with high arches and problems with shin splints and IT band soreness. Can you elaborate on your problems with the Nimbus 10.

The Gel Nimbus is a very popular Asics shoe and I must admit I am much happier with Gel Nimbus 11 than I was with Gel Nimbus 10 or 9. In fact, the 11 is a great shoe for a neutral runner with high arches, shin splints and IT band soreness. As long as you don’t pronate too much you should be just fine.

Here are some of the major differences between the three versions.

  • Upper (top) -Differences between the uppers may mean the difference between crowding of the toes, puckering or perfect toe box room. As many of you know, I prefer regular lacing to asymmetrical lacing with the 11’s asymmetrical version (Asics is listening) being preferred to the 10. I am also pleased that the 11 toe box has full mesh like the 9 and not with trim over the big toe which can cause tendon or toe friction if prominent.


  • Outsole – Fortunately, the Nimbus 10 and 11 have a much improved outsole with a wider waist. The outsole is overall wider in the forefoot than it was in version 9 also providing more support. The sizing comes in a full range from Women’s narrow (2A) to Men’s extra wide (4E).


  • Midsole (medial) – This is the biggest change and most welcome improvement to the Nimbus 11 from both prior versions. Previously the Nimbus had much less EVA in the midsole directly in the center of the arch. This made the shoe flex more in the arch than it should as well as it made the shoe much less durable and more soft. Now however, the midsole is full EVA providing extra stability as well as cushioning, which I really like.
  • Trim over the big toe joint – The only downside with the 11 is trim overlying where a bunion would be. If you have a bunion then the 10 would have been a better design for you or you can try skipping the 1st set of eyelets entirely which may help.


All in all, if you have previously avoided wearing Asics Gel Nimbus – now is the time to give the 11 a try. It has a much more biomechanical design and I really like the improvements Asics has made to this light weight shoe cushioned running shoe.

9 responses to “Shoe Review – Asics Gel Nimbus 11

  1. You are an incredible resource! Thank you for taking the time to address my question. I will try the Nimbus 11!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this shoe. I had heard it was a decent shoe for post tib tendonitis (I’m getting orthotics) because of its cushioning, and I’m wondering if you have any opinion on that? Thanks so much!

  3. That was a really good review, iv been lookin everywhere for one and I then found urs and it was just a really great review of the shoe, very well put, I’m so buyin this shoe now

  4. Thanks for your objective review of the new 11!
    I have ran several marathons in the 9’s and 10’s and think the nimbus line is the best on the market for me… I am anxious to get out and run some more so I can get a new pair of shoes (which will be the 11’s most likely). thanks again!!

  5. Great review. Thank you for this. Nimbus 8 was my first shoe and I loved it. Then I got a Nimbus 9 and I had many problems, from losing pinkie toe nails to nasty blisters. I was afraid to even try Nimbus 10. I may give Nimbus 11 a chance. Thanks again for the review.

  6. Once again…Great review! You really dive into the technicalities and workings of the shoes. Thank you for your research. I had the 9s and they seemed fine for me but they were less durable. After about 250 miles, I started getting back pain after my runs as a result of the wear on the shoe. I have had the 11s for a while now and am around 200 miles on them. They still feel like they did the first week and I love them. I never have any problems with them and I am especially greatful for the greater mid-sole support as I reach miles 10-12. My feet are never the reason I need to stop running anymore. I bought 2 pairs as well as another heavier shoe per my training program for my marathon. This a great shoe and is holding up wonderfully!

  7. Aloha,
    I just found your site and really appreciate your thoroughness.
    I have to say, I just loved my Gel Nimbus 10s ( still do ), except for an occasional tweak in the knuckle of my left big toe and rare tweaking of my left knee.

    I wear custom orthotics that keep me neutral ( supposedly ). I needed a new pair of running shoes before I came to LA for a month at Christmas, so I bought the Gel Nimbus 11s pretty much right off the shelf since I’ve been wearing Nimbus since the 7.

    After 2-3 weeks of just walking a lot on pavement, I’ve got painful corns on the two smallest toes of my left foot. The front of these shoes bunch together too much when they’re really laced up! I tried re-lacing to skip the first eyelets, but it only marginally helped.

    Soo, I tried out the Asics Gel Kinetic 2s and the Asics Gel Kinsei 3s and am happy so far with my new Kinseis, though they’re a whole different breed than the Nimbus.

  8. Just bought the Nimbus 11 and completed a 5 mile run. Been a nike wearer for 37 years and was a lil concerned with the weight of Asics. But after a serious calve injury after a 14 mile run I knew it was a time for a change. I read other reviews about the nimbus and most dicredit the shoe. Maybe its just me but I run for speed and not leisure, I thought the shoe felt excellent towards my feet and legs. Being 68 inches 161 lbs I honestly believe the shoe is made for runners of all sizes since most reviews say the shoe is best for heavier runners. Bottom line, excellent shoe.

  9. Wow, just goes to show you that the science of shoe reviews is no substitute for actually wear testing them.

    I am a longtime runner and operate on the theory of staying with the same shoe as long as they work for you. In my 23 years of running I have worn many different shoes but no shoe model has been as good to me as the Asics Nimbus.

    A few weeks ago I bought my 23rd pair, my first Nimbus 11, and within 1 1/2 weeks I began to develop plantars faciitis. I had not increased mileage nor was I doing anything different in my training. I figured that it wasn’t too bad and maybe with some extra care I could run through it.

    Then in a series of errors, I inadvertently swapped the Nimbus 11 with my retired Nimbus 10 (don’t ask). I didn’t realize what I had done but I did notice that the ride was surprisingly flat just like running in an old pair of shoes (duh). However- and here is the point- my plantars faciitis quickly resolved itself. I thought I had “run through it” when I had actually changed away from the shoe causing the problem.

    A couple weeks ago I discovered that I was running in my old Nimbus 10 and I immediately switched back to the newer Nimbus 11. As you may have guessed, my plantars is back.

    I am not sure what the issue is with the Nimbus 11 though from the beginning I felt that my heel was sliding forward off the front of the gel pad. Is the pad smaller? Did they move it further back in the heel? I don’t know but I am not happy with the revisions to the Nimbus with the release of the Nimbus 11.

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