Roller Derby – Ball Of The Foot Pain

Emily of Boston Derby Dames asks:

Can you recommend any resources for how to tape this injury (sesamoiditis) to minimize discomfort while skating? I’m waiting on orthotics but would really hate to put my roller derby career on hold until I have them.

Although taping helps for many derby-related aches and pain, it’s better to use off-weighting padding for painful sesamoids. The following video shows you how to do this yourself using 1/8″ adhesive felt (pink, black or white). If you’re unable to locate a source for this, contact me through the blog to order.

As an alternative, you can visit a sports medicine podiatrist, who should be able to make a custom pad or orthotic for your skates as well.

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3 responses to “Roller Derby – Ball Of The Foot Pain

  1. Freaking awesome effects and subject matter!!

  2. this is wonderful! i’ll be sure to share it with my teammates!

  3. I had my doubts, but I tried this and it worked. The only thing I did differently was use a thick sticky backed moleskin instead of the felt.

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