Shoe Review – Brooks® Trance 11 vs. 10

I’m a fan of Brooks® Trance, and version 11 is no exception. Although lightweight, Trance 11 still provides plenty of pronation control and support. Runners will also appreciate the more fitted instep and shallower toe box, compared to version 10. This is one of my favorite shoes this season.

Here’s a link to my previous Trance 10 shoe review

2 responses to “Shoe Review – Brooks® Trance 11 vs. 10

  1. I’m very happy currently running in the Brooks Ravenna 3, and I’m looking for a “recovery” shoe. Do you think the Trance 11 would fit the bill, or would you recommend something else?

    • I like Trance 11 more than I like Ravenna 3 as it seems to just fit better, and also provides more support. Having said that, when I’m having patient’s compare two different shoes, I have them bring in their current pair for a side-by-side test. Put the Ravenna 3 on one foot and the Trance 11 on the other foot and walk around/easy jog. This will highlight any differences in fit and function. I’m guessing Trance 11 will feel just as good or better than Ravennna 3 in which case you’ll be fine.

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