Shoe Review – Mizuno® Wave Nirvana 8

Mizuno® has debuted some great shoes this season and Wave Nirvana 8 is no exception.

Supportive, yet lightweight, Wave Nirvana 8 has lower volume (narrow, shallow) than most shoes in this category (Brooks® Beast) which fits an important need for many runners out there. Although this shoe won’t work for everyone, if this shoe is a match to your foot type, you won’t be disappointed.

2 responses to “Shoe Review – Mizuno® Wave Nirvana 8

  1. Agree with the review. I run in primarily Mizuno’s Wave Inspire 8 but also in Wave Nirvana 8. Both are brilliant shoes for my gait and foot attributes.

    One significant point you didn’t mention is that Mizuno’s AP+ midsole foam lasts way longer and feels noticeably bouncier than their previous AP foam.

  2. I bought this black/rainbow Inspire 8 🙂
    I feel the flex-controllers work well for guiding the step out angle, but it is a new thing, I’m worried about its durability.

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