Shoe Review – Nike® Zoom Structure Triax+ 15

Nike® Zoom Structure Triax has been a favorite of mine for several years, and version 15 is my favorite yet. Cushioned, yet stable, this shoe works for the runner who is looking for pronation control in a lightweight shoe.

3 responses to “Shoe Review – Nike® Zoom Structure Triax+ 15

  1. I have these shoes and I also have high arches, which I think might explain why these shoes put painful pressure on the tops of my feet. In the video, you mention that these shoes aren’t ideal for people with high arches because they are shallow… Would it be a bad idea if I removed the insoles to make them deeper? I just tried this out and it definitely alleviates most of the pressure that these shoes normally put on the tops of my feet, but I’m worried that exercising without the insole might be a bad idea… If it is, is there another solution you could suggest? If I would be best off buying a new pair, could you suggest a pair that provides pronation control for a female with high arches and a “normal” width foot? Thanks!

    • I would definitely use your suggestion of removing the insole. Doing this won’t compromise the structure or design of the shoe during walking or exercise and will provide extra depth to the midfoot. You can also try skipping the lacing over the highest point of your arch. If these two methods still don’t alleviate the pressure, then a trip to the running shoe store to find a deeper shoe would be in order.

      • I gave this try and it helped considerably! Thank you so much for your advice– it is much appreciated!

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