How to Find A Sports Medicine Podiatrist

Readers often ask me how to help them find a good sports medicine podiatrist. Because all podiatrists are not created equal, I created this video as a guide to help you. It’s also important to remember that you do have choices  when deciding your healthcare and you should not settle for less than total satisfaction.

3 responses to “How to Find A Sports Medicine Podiatrist

  1. Speak to people in your sport that have had similar foot problems. Finding a sports podiatrist whom has played your sport is ideal. They will have a greater understanding of the intricacies and pressure’s your sport puts on your feet and the problems that arise.

    • Great comment Dr. Waters. Although finding a foot and ankle specialist who has played your sport is ideal, it’s not always possible. This is especially true in my practice where I treat all lower extremity sports injuries including, running, cycling, roller derby, figure skating, rock climbing, surfing, football, baseball, golf etc. In these cases, experience and understanding of the biomechanics of your particular sport, are paramount to successful treatment.

  2. This was very helpful!

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